Brand development

CoreLedger is a blockchain infrastructure provider based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Its core product, TEOS, features a multi-party settlement mechanism which increases liquidity of digital assets by reducing intermediaries and costs.
In June 2019, they asked for support on the brand development. The only requirement was to keep the logo as such.
After studying the company background, development and products, I ran a benchmark on the market and competitors. This analysis revealed some clichés to avoid: neon colours on dark blue backgrounds, linked cubes and isometric illustrations. The inception of concepts and many variations ended with the choice of the preferred version, presented below.
This brand concept is based on the solution CoreLedger provides to businesses and markets: documenting, digitalising and trading assets in a decentralised and liquid manner. To express these complexe ideas, the choice was made to go for a simple and efficient approach.
The visual identity was developed on many supports such as the stationery, the whitepaper and brochures, different event stands as well as a short animation, digital banners and social posts.

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