FSD Africa

In December 2018, FSD Africa, an organisation set up by the UK Government to transform financial markets, reduce poverty and drive inclusive economic development in Sub-Saharan African countries, had the need of refreshing its visual identity.
They reached me out and quickly specified the logo shouldn't be drastically changed. Together, we worked on their brand refreshment, ending with simple and creative ideas that reflect their key objectives.
To illustrate FSD Africa activity, we played though the communication assets with a line: the connector. It symbolises all the efforts made by FSD Africa to reach their goals and improve SSA finance sector.
This brand has been developed for a wide variety of supports such as basic printed stationery, brochure, report cover, presentation template, social platform posts and the website.

The new FSD Africa website was developed by SoapBox, a UK based communication agency. FSD Africa asked me to provide guidances and support for visual consistency.
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